John Paul 2 Institute was not the first to be silenced and dismantled

Pope John Paul II met with Bill Clinton and with Jeffrey Epstein

Shady deals, censure and ruthless pursuit of own agenda’s. Unfortunately we are not talking Washington, London or even Renaissance Italy. Even Machiavelli’s cheeks would have turned slightly red from viewing the present day machinations of the Vatican. The Pope John Paul II institute was a last bastion, which harboured some of the few traditional scholars that were left and dared to speak out. But they were not the first, just a little bit more prominent than the ones that were demolished or silenced before.

This article shows you what happened behind the scenes as the Jesuits targetted the traditional doctrine of a good God and a wonderful creation. How John Paul II was manouvred into acknowleding a speech that he had not written or signed. How Pope Benedict was not even in control of his own conference. How the microphone of a muslim professor was turned off when he spoke in support of the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church.

As the research journal in which I have published these things (scholarly and well footnoted), has kindly released it (otherwise you would have to pay for it), it is my pleasure to make it available to readers of my blog as well.

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