Traditional Theology

Benno A Zuiddam

Professor Benno Zuiddam is a New Testament scholar and Church historian with doctorates in Theology and classical Greek.

In 2008 Dr Zuiddam was appointed as extraordinary associate professor with the School for Biblical studies and ancient languages at North-West University in South Africa. He has since joined the research unit of the theological faculty (NWU Potchefstroom Campus).

Professor Zuiddam is a trained journalist and continues to contribute to newspapers on a regular basis. He is also an author and published books on public speaking and church history.
Otherwise, the Rev. Dr Benno  Zuiddam is an ordained Presbyterian and Reformed minister, of traditional Catholic persuasion, who has pastored several congregations and also served as hospital and aged care chaplain.

Professor Zuiddam is an active preacher, guest lecturer and conference speaker.

The first known Zuiddam-ancestor, Andries van Suytdam, was born in the Low Countries when these were still part of Habsburgian Burgundy.

Over the years different spellings of the surname Van Suytdam emerged, resulting in e.g. in van Zuidam, Zuiddam, Suydam and Zuydam.

The wider family was involved in the establishment of New Holland and the city of Nieuw Amsterdam (New York) in the 17th century. Others settled in South-Africa (mainly in Natal) and Australia.

Interestingly, one distant relative served with Napoleon and, as one of the few, survived his campaign into Russia, while another familymember served under Wellington against Napoleon at Waterloo. My wife’s ancestors were among the earliest Dutch settlers in South Africa when they joined the Cape Colony of Jan van Riebeeck in the 17th century.

Research focus

Professor Zuiddam’s research is focused on the human experience of the voice of God in history.

A member of the New Testament Society of South-Africa, professor Zuiddam has published extensively in the fields of New Testament studies an early Christianity. Dr Zuiddam is also a fellow of the Centre for Patristic Research and Early Christianity (VU Amsterdam).

His research takes a source orientated approach and the use of a historical and philological method. In other words, he aims at letting the ancient text speak for themselves, rather than reading modern concepts into these.

Professor Zuiddam is also known for his endeavours in other scientific  fields. He is a specialist in Renaissance art and has published several articles on Biblical symbolism in professional art journals. An elected member of the South African Academy for Science and Art, Dr Zuiddam is known for his knowledge of colonial history and literature.

Vision for faith in scholarship

A quest for spiritual and historical truth by liberal enquiry and intellectual honesty from a traditional Christian worldview.

  • Discerning the authority of the Scriptures and the human experience of the voice of God
  • Following the teachings of the Catholic and Apostolic Church
  • Faithfully representing the sources